Greetings, Virtual Traveler!

You’ve found your way to my official web page! I’m a writer/editor (wordsmith), educator (Bill Nye wannabe), naturalist (Alfred Russel Wallace wannabe), critic (it stinks!), self-styled renaissance man (sans tights), raconteur (sans Jack White), and flagrant abuser of parenthesis. I may also be witty or annoying, depending on your reaction to the last sentence.

I’m currently an editor, writer, and web manager for The Genetic Literacy Project, a non-profit, non-partisan site dedicated to providing a space on the web where people can read the latest science about genetics without getting tangled up in ideology.

I’ve had a varied career, which you can read all about on my About Me page. Should you happen to be in need of a writer, I do hope you’ll take a moment to check out my resume. This site exists as a compliment to my pre-existing — and exhaustive — LinkedIn Profile. Contact information’s to your left.

– K